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What are the different methods of waterproofing your basement?

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When there is a flood in your home due to a broken water pipe, a lot of the damage begins in your basement. This can put your entire home at risk as the basement is an integral part of your home's overall structure. The best thing you can do is waterproof it so that water and excess moisture do the least amount of damage possible.

Seal All Cracks

Water that comes from outside your home often gets inside through cracks in the foundation. So the first thing you should do when you want to waterproof your basement is seal the cracks. This ensures the only water in your basement is actually from your own plumbing pipes if one of them bursts. Check around the perimeter of the basement foundation, inside and outside, looking for cracks or holes. Check closely at the edge between the floor and walls of the basement, as it is easy to hide cracks in this location. Seal all cracks you find, testing them afterward by attempting to spray water into the area. If no water enters the basement, you know it is completely sealed.

Waterproof the Exterior

While much of the basement waterproofing is done inside the basement, there are also some things to do outside. You can start by reducing water damage from your soil and garden by excavating a narrow area around the perimeter of your home. This keeps drainage from affecting your basement walls. Once this is done, you should then apply waterproof coating to the exterior walls, making sure this coating is meant for exterior purposes. You will need an entirely different coating when waterproofing the interior walls.

Install a Sump Pump

Since many sources of water in the basement come from inside the house, due to broken pipes, you also need a good way to get the water out. You may not be able to avoid having water in the basement, but you can reduce the damage it causes. By getting a sump pump, you will be able to have the excess water pumped out of the home through a drain. This occurs as soon as the pump recognizes that there is water in the area. It pumps it out of the drain and outside of the home into a proper drainage area in your yard. Contact local shops for more information on sump pumps.

If you get water in your yard, act quickly by pumping it out and drying out the basement as fast as you can.